ECWCA Members,

For the past few years, the East Central Writing Centers Association Board of Directors has considered ways to better serve members and to better meet the guidelines the International Writing Centers Association sets for regional organizations such as ours. Our work has culminated in our need to ask members to vote on five proposed amendments to the ECWCA constitution before we can hold our 2015 elections.

The proposed amendments will

  • expand our Board membership from 11 to 13 members
  • ensure Board membership includes representation from two-year colleges and secondary schools as well as graduate and undergraduate student representatives
  • allow all members to vote for the ECWCA Vice President, who will eventually serve as the President and Past President (currently the Vice President is appointed by the Board and eventually serves as the President and Past-President)
  • and extend the Vice President’s term and the President’s term from one year to two years.
You’ll find the five proposal amendments and the rationale for each proposal listed below so that you and other ECWCA members can learn about the amendments the Board is sponsoring and the reasoning behind those amendments as we near a membership vote on the constitutional changes.

On September 16, 2015, the Board will send you and all other ECWCA members a ballot so that you may vote on our proposed constitutional changes between September 16 and 23. On September 24, we will begin promoting and accepting nominations for new Board members and will collect e-nominations for a ballot that will be issued to each ECWCA member on October 15. Members will have three weeks to nominate individuals (or themselves) for the Board.

For now, please review our proposed constitutional amendments as you prepare to help shape our organization’s constitution and Board membership, and consider whether or not you would like to run for any openings on the Board. If you have any questions or comments, email me at kim.ballard@wmich.edu.

I wish you all a great 2015-16 academic year and look forward to the 2016 ECWCA Conference, which will be chaired by Sherry Wynn Perdue, of Oakland University, and will be held March 18-19, 2016 at the Westin Hotel, Southfield-Detroit, 1500 Town Center, Southfield, MI.

Kim Ballard, ECWCA Past President

Proposed Amendments and Rationales

Proposal 1: The ECWCA Constitution will be changed from having 11 Board members who facilitate the work of the ECWCA to having 13 Board members who facilitate that work.

Rationale: The number of at-large elected positions will be reduced from four to three to make room for four additional elected positions.

Proposal 2: The ECWCA will add to the Board two elected student positions, an undergraduate and graduate position that will last for a one-year term. These positions will have a one-year term so that all students will be eligible to serve in these roles, including students who are in the final year of their degree programs. These Board members will serve as liaisons to student members and will offer leadership related to student-member initiatives.

Rationale: Currently the one dedicated student position on the Board is appointed, and it exists so that conference chairs can include a student from their institution on the Board. Dedicated undergraduate and graduate positions will provide more opportunity for ECWCA student member leadership.

Proposal 3: The ECWCA will add two elected institution-level positions to the Board with one position being filled by an individual who works at a two-year college and one being filled by an individual who works at a secondary school. These positions will have two-year terms. These Board members will serve as liaisons to members who work at similar institutions and will offer leadership related to initiatives for two-year college and secondary school members respectively.

Rationale: Currently no positions on the Board are dedicated to institution level representation. Having dedicated positions for two-year college and for secondary representation will ensure that the ECWCA Board remains aware of the varying needs of writing center directors and staff from a range of institutions.

Proposal 4: The ECWCA Vice-President will be elected by the membership.

Rationale: Currently, the ECWCA Vice-President is appointed by the Board from among its members, which means that (1) the Board appoints the individual who will eventually be the ECWCA President and (b) the Board always has one open position as an elected member has moved to the Vice President position. The Board believes an elected Vice-President/President has the potential to be more democratic and more effective.

Proposal 5: The ECWCA Vice-President will serve a total of five years in three positions with increasing leadership responsibility in each position: the first two years of service will be as the ECWCA Vice-President; the next two years of service will be as the ECWCA President; the final year of service will be as the ECWCA Past President (ex-officio).

Rationale: Currently, the ECWCA Vice-President serves three years in three positions, or one year in each position. The Board believes extending the tenure of the Vice-President/President will provide more stable leadership to ECWCA. The longer terms will also follow the current IWCA model.

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