(Revised to Reflect 2015 Constitutional Amendments)

The East Central (ECWCA) supports and promotes the work of college, high school, and community writing centers in the region.

I.    The purpose of the ECWCA is to foster communication, scholarship, research, and effective practices among colleagues in writing centers and to provide a forum for discussion of mutual concerns.

II.   All writing centers within region are associated members of ECWCA. Individual membership in the ECWCA will include directors and staff members of writing centers and other concerned individuals and will be determined yearly, based on attendance at the annual conference. Individuals at any conference are considered ECWCA members for the year following conference attendance.

III.  Registration fees for annual conferences will be used to support the annual conference, additional communication and materials as needed, and for the support of research, scholarship, and awards pertaining to writing centers.

IV.  Board Membership and Terms: The ECWCA will be facilitated by a Board normally comprised of 13 members and representing as fully as possible the faculty, staff, and students who work in writing centers. Anyone involved with writing center work within the region is eligible to serve on the Board. All and only Board members have voting rights.

Vice-President:  The ECWCA Vice-President is elected by the membership. The EWCA Vice-President serves a total of five years in three positions with increasing leadership responsibility as follows:

the first two years of service will be as the Vice-President;
the next two years of service will be as the President; and
the final year of service will be as the Past President (ex-officio).

President: The ECWCA Presidency is filled by an elected Vice-President in the third and fourth years of that person’s tenure. The President takes office at the annual conference meeting and serves for two years. The President becomes the Past-President for a final year of service as an advisor to the newly installed President during the first year of his/her service.

Past-President:  The ECWCA Past-Presidency is the final year of the elected Vice President’s five-year tenure. The Past-President offers support and guidance to the current president.

Three At-Large Members:  Three voting Board members are elected to serve staggered three-year terms.

Two Institution-Specific Positions: One position is for a two-year college and the second is for a secondary school. Both are elected positions for a two-year term. These Board members will serve as liaisons to members who work at similar institutions and will offer leadership related to initiatives for two-year college and secondary school members respectively.

Two Student Representatives:  The Board will include one elected graduate and on elected undergraduate representatives, each carrying a one-year term. These Board members will serve as liaisons to student members and will offer leadership related to student-member initiatives.

Treasurer:  A continuing position to be appointed by the Board.  The Treasurer is responsible for keeping accurate financial records and for depositing and disbursing monies as directed by the Board.

Secretary:  A continuing position to be appointed by the Board. The Secretary keeps minutes and organizes information from electronic meetings.

Conference Chair:  The host of an upcoming annual conference becomes an ex-officio member of the Board. This will begin with the prior year’s conference meeting and will conclude at the end of the conference s/he hosts.  In the case of co-chairs, the conference host(s) will decide who will participate at board meetings.

In all cases, the term year begins at the Board meeting of the Annual Conference for which that person is elected or appointed and ends at the beginning of the subsequent conference Board meeting with the exception of the President’s position.

ECWCA members who are not officially appointed or elected are welcomed to participate in Board meetings as non-voting members.  Members are also welcomed to assist in planning conferences, serving on subcommittees, and participating in task force work if appointed by the Board.

V.    The Board will have the following responsibilities:

  1. To select the host institution and to assist the conference host in planning the annual ECWCA conference.
  2. To report to the ECWCA membership at the annual conference and to communicate with the membership other times as needed.
  3. To serve as liaison between the ECWCA and other regional and national organizations, especially the International Writing Centers Association.
  4. To determine the disbursal of the treasury in support of research, scholarship, awards, the representation of ECWCA at national meetings, and other needs related to writing centers.
  5. To attend and participate in Board meetings. If a Board member misses two consecutive meetings without designating a substitute, a new member will be appointed to fill the position.
  6. To maintain an online presence with the Board (at least one contact a month).

VI.    Meetings of the ECWCA Board will be convened by the President of the Board at his or her discretion, but no less often than once annually during the ECWCA Conference. Additional meetings may occur face-to-face or electronically as needed and approved by a majority vote of the Board.

VII.   Quorum and Voting Decisions: The presence of one more than half of the Board members will constitute a quorum for decision-making. Decisions of the ECWCA Board can be approved by a simple majority of the quorum.

VIII.  Online Voting: Any Board member may make a motion, ask for discussion, and call for a vote online.  Once a Board member makes a motion, the members will have a week to discuss and vote. Board members who do not vote will be considered as abstaining but will be counted for the purpose of constituting a quorum.

(adopted by membership vote at the March 2001 conference and amended by the Board at the March 2007 conference, at the April 2008 conference, at the June 2008 retreat, and via the 2015 conference.