Blurring Boundaries: The ECWCA Journal Submission Guidelines
Blurring Boundaries: The ECWCA Journal publishes graduate and post-graduate research and theoretical essays/articles focused on writing center theory, pedagogy, research, and practice. All article submissions should be submitted as a Word Doc (.doc or .docx), in appropriate MLA or APA format (author decides which format to use), in standard Times New Roman 12pt font, and double-spaced throughout. Should you need any assistance with using the most up-to-date version of APA or MLA format, please refer to: *Please do not send your article in a pdf format as it will not be accepted* Article length is between 3000 -7500 words, including notes, references, and works cited. Articles submitted in APA format should have an abstract no longer than 200 words. While MLA format does not require an abstract, authors reserve the right to add an abstract of no more than 200 words if desired. Blurring Boundaries also encourages multimodal submissions.

If your research involves the use of human subjects, you will need an IRB approval number. However, if your research is theoretical, IRB approval may not be needed. If editors or reviewers determine IRB approval is needed, authors will be informed. If your article has any notes, please convert all notes to footnotes instead of endnotes. Remove any additional media, i.e., podcasts, videos, etc., you want to use in your article, and include it/them as separate attachment(s) when submitting your article via email. Please submit articles/multmodal-media works to

*While Blurring Boundaries: The ECWCA Journal is an online journal and encourages the use of podcasts, videos, and other forms of media within articles, text-only submission are also encouraged.*
For the purpose of clarity, attached below is a checklist for submissions:

  • Submission includes first page with title and the author’s name, address, and phone numbers; the rest of the article should be scrubbed of all identifying markers: authors’ names, institutional affiliation(s), and any other identifying information.
  • Submission is in standard 12pt font.
  • Submission is in the most recent APA or MLA format.
  • All accompanying references are consistent with either APA or MLA style.
  • Article is no more than 7500 words and is double-spaced throughout.
  • Submission is in a Word Doc.
  • IRB Approval Number is attached to submission, if needed. *see written submission guidelines for further explanation*
  • Article has 200 word abstract (APA [mandatory]; MLA [optional]).
  • Interactive media used in article is attached along with original article. *see written submission guidelines for further explanation*
  • Media only submissions also accepted.
  • No Media should exceed five minutes regardless of whether or not it is combined with an article.
  • Audio should be mp3 format and video should be mp4. Any other formats will be rejected.