The ECWCA organization welcomes proposals from Writing Center/English Department staff, especially high school tutors/leaders and college/university tutors/consultants. Proposals for the 2017 ECWCA Conference should be submitted by Friday, February 10th, for consideration. We welcome presenters to submit proposals for panel discussions, training sessions, workshops, and poster only sessions. All presenters will have a chance to add a poster to their session, and this poster will offer speakers the opportunity to advertise/market their presentation. Many times, conference programs are limited in the amount of space that can be allotted to each session description and often leaves guests choosing between multiple topics. The poster will not only allow speakers to highlight key points and location of their session, but it will also allow those who could not attend the presentation a chance to learn about the topic for further follow-up with the presenters at one, or both, of the Idea Sharing Sessions. The proposal form also asks presenters to request audio-visual needs, allows for optional uploading of materials, and asks if speakers would like a presenters certificate. All rooms are smart classrooms. The audio-visual request allows SMC to arrange for additional needs/resources that might not be available in each room. Please check all options that apply for your proposal.