Each year the East Central Writing Center Association acknowledges the outstanding service provided by tutor/consultants throughout the region. Designed to celebrate the contributions of undergraduate-student, graduate- student, and staff writing center tutors, these awards serve not only to publicly acknowledge deserving tutor/consultants, but also to support and sustain the important work of writing centers for campuses and larger communities for another generation. Two awards, one in each category explained below, are presented each year.

Outstanding Tutor of the Year Award: This award recognizes innovative approaches to tutoring/consulting, the quality of work with writers, and the articulation of a tutoring/consulting philosophy. While any member of the writing center staff who tutors may be nominated for the Outstanding Tutor of the Year award, it is generally given to those who hold tutoring positions.

Tutor Leadership Award: This award recognizes the leadership contributions of undergraduate-student, graduate-student, and staff writing center tutors, including but not limited to administrative work, development of new programs, writing center training innovations, presentation of writing center work in academic and non-academic forums, work with special populations, and creativity. While any tutor may be nominated for the Tutor Leadership Award, it is generally given to tutors who hold positions of leadership in their writing centers: for instance, assistants to the director, assistant directors, and graduate students are the most likely candidates for this award.

Awards: $200 Cash Award and Award Certificate

Guidelines for nominations and award criteria is available here [pdf].

The nominating person should attach the forms in an email to Trixie Smith, Awards Committee Chair (smit1254@msu.edu)

Deadline: February 29, 2012


ECWCA is pleased to announce that it will offer a select number of travel awards for the 2012 conference in Indianapolis. The awards will be given to presenters at the 2012 ECWCA Conference who are from institutions in the region that have not previously presented at the conference or have not presented in the last 3 years.

Please let us know if your institution is new to the ECWCA conference or has not attended the conference in the last 3 years.

Travel awards scholarships cover only registration fees and are limited in number.

To apply please send the following to Trixie Smith

• Name
• Institution
• Email address
• Presentation title

DEADLINE: March 1, 2012

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